Fees & Payment Details


Registration fee for the conference is as follows:

  • 450 Turkish Lira for oral presentations
  • 250 Turkish Lira for poster, performance/exhibition
  • 200 Turkish Lira for audience participation

Payment Details

Please note the following when processing your payment:

  • Each participant attending the symposium must pay a registration fee.
  • In multi-author studies, every author desiring a participation certificate should pay at least one registration fee.
  • A single registration fee covers a maximum of two submissions by the same author. Additional studies incur a fee of €20 each.
  • Master and Ph.D. students are limited to a single submission per registration fee.
  • * Registration fees are non-refundable.

Services Included in the Registration Fee

Your registration fee covers:

  • Online access to presentation sessions and invited speaker sessions
  • Electronic attendance certificate

Bank Details

Name of the Bank: Ziraat Bankasi

Name of the Branch: 9 Eylul Branch

IBAN: TR 6000 0100 1506 0679 9887 5047

Payment Instructions

To ensure accuracy in payment processing, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Each participant should pay their individual fee.
  • Group payments are not accepted; each participant should pay separately.
  • Specify the purpose of the payment in the explanation field as “[Name Surname] Bulletin_IADCE”, “[Name Surname]_Performance/Exhibition_IADCE” or “[Name Surname]_Audience_IADCE”.

Example for Payment Explanation

Please use the following formats for payment explanations:

  • For a bulletin: Pablo PICASSO_Bulletin_IADCE
  • For a performance: Pablo PICASSO_Performance_IADCE
  • For an exhibition: Pablo PICASSO_Exhibition_IADCE
  • For audience: Pablo PICASSO_Audience_IADCE

*Payment documents should send to the iadce2023@gmail.com e-mail address with the same explanations added.